Ergonomics and Corporate Health 



Our experienced Physiotherapists will come to you to assess your individual employees who have a specific injury or condition which may require specific changes to their working environment. As health care practitioners we have a sound knowledge of anatomy and injuries making us ideal at creating the best environment for injuries to repair and recover.
Our assessments include:

  • Onsite assessment,

  • Simple changes to work station will be made at the time of assessment

  • A written report within 5 working days outlining changes made and further recommendations or equipment required

  • Assistance with ordering of equipment and

  • Follow-up contact via phone or email to answer any further queries and to ensure the best outcome has been achieved.


Ergonomic assessments for your employees can be specifically tailored to your requirements, whether it is for 1 or 100 employees or for the entire office. Some companies like to have all staff assessed as a preventative measure regardless of whether or not they have pre-existing injuries or you may choose to only have individuals with injuries assessed.

Our assessments for groups of employees involve the following components:

  • On-line survey (pre-assessment day)

  • On-site in-service -  interactive power point presentation – includes correct sitting and standing posture, correct work station set-up, OH and S regulations, stretch and pause exercises

  • Individual ergonomic work station assessment – changes made at time of assessment if possible i.e. monitor raised, chair adjusted, desk layout re-arranged if required

  • Individual reports on findings from assessments including further recommendations/equipment required if necessary

  • Assistance with ordering and set-up of equipment if required i.e. specific chair recommendation

  • Attendance report of staff attending in-service

  • Summary report of equipment required will also be provided to make ordering of equipment (if required) simple and easy for the HR team

Companies we have worked with include Australian Dental Association, HassellStudio, Balfour Beatty UGL, Cover More Travel, AustralianSuper, Adconinon, Think Education, BT Publisher, Cumming Agency and Studio and many more.


Your Health Domain works on the principal of reinforcement –  in order for behavioural changes to occur a learning outcome needs to be reinforced on average 3 times before it becomes in grained. 

Over the years we have found that the following processes produces the best results:

  • On-line survey,

  • In-service presentation, followed by

  • Individual assessment

As health care practitioners we have a sound knowledge of anatomy and injuries making us ideal at creating the best environment for injuries to repair and recover and therefore minimsing injury impact and severity.

Prevention is better than Cure.

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