One-on-One Pilates and Physiotherapy Informed Exercise Classes​

An individual assessment is required to allow your Physiotherapist to:

  1. Assess your injury and posture through a history and physical assessment

  2. Assess your core stability muscles, flexibility and dynamic movement patterns

  3. Prioritize your areas for strength, flexibility and core stability

  4. Set goals for your individualised program and to obtain baseline outcome measurements which we will utilise to assess your improvement

  5. Educate you on specific clinical exercises, Pilates techniques and your core

  6. Teach you how to use the clinical exercise and Pilates equipment safely 

  7. Assess your level of experience and devise a program of individual sessions prior to your commencement in a small group class environment


Please note: As of 1st April 2019, an individual assessment is a requirement of all private health funds if you are considering claiming your small group exercise classes on your private health insurance.

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