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In the wake of the current pandemic situation, our physiotherapists are offering new services:  

  • Telehealth Physiotherapy Consults: are now available (via video link) – This is a great way to continue or commence your treatment as we can assess and review your progress and provide you with some self-help tips on how to resolve your pain or injury. It is also an excellent way to progress your rehabilitation program.

  • Telehealth Exercise Consults are also now available with our physiotheraists Emma and Theresa via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. A great way  to increase your cores stability, and flexibilty in the comfit of your own home. 

  • Home Workstation Self Assessments and Advice Now Available

  • Physiotherapy Appointments in Willoughby - Emma is available to provide physiotherapy appointments at her home in Willoughby for people who are unable or do not wish to travel into the city. 

  • We are also still available in our CBD office located at Level 3, 84 Pitt St Sydney. 

Please call us on 02 9251 5111 or email

Resources for Current Clients 

If you have any queries or would like to arrange an appointment please contact us on 9251 5111 or 

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