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Your Health Domain Tips to starting & maintaining an exercise program

Have good physical health 

Know your prior injury history 

Consult a physician or one of Your Health Domain's physiotherapists  prior if you have any concerns or medical conditions 

Set specific, measurable, attainable and realistic goals e.g. weight loss, gain muscle mass, gain strength, prepare for an event like a 5km run

Enjoy the activities that you want to do! (You will be more likely to want to continue your program longer)

Find a buddy: provides motivation, support and safety 

How often should I train?

Start with 2-3 sessions per week, building up to daily or split sessions

When starting out, don’t train consecutive days (or every day!)

More not always better

Expect DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) which can happen 1-3 days after exercise

Rest days are really important! Why? 

Time for recovery for muscles and joints, replenish energy stores, rid the body of toxins built up during exercises.  


Also over-training can lead to decreased immune system response and increased risk of injury.

Importance of Warming Up!

Increases blood flow to the muscles.


Warms the muscle and connective tissue.


Makes them more pliable and less likely to be injured.


Prepares the body for the session.


Body directs higher percentage of blood flow to muscles for exercise.


5 – 10 minutes is usually sufficient such as a light jog or pedalling on an exercise bike.


Studies have shown stretching has positive effects on increasing range of movement especially post-exercise. 


There is limited evidence linking stretching before exercise and reduction in injury rates. Ask your Physiotherapist which stretches are best for you.

Are you keen to lift weights or do resistance training? How do I get my technique right?

Symmetry is key – movements should look and feel the same on each side of the body Right and Left.  The movements should also feel even.

Use the mirrors – perfect for checking out your form, that’s why they are there!


Correct posture – maintain a neutral spine and pelvis.


Safe set up –make sure you are familiar with how to use the equipment or how to perform the exercise correctly. 

Ask a Personal Trainer or your Physiotherapist for help and learn the proper technique for safety.


Pick the correct weight – technique may be compromised if the weight is too heavy.


Weight/cable machines – they are set-up to encourage you to make the proper movements, however, they need to be adjusted to your body size.


Free weights require much more control and knowledge of the proper lifting technique.

What are the Warning Signs for Injury? 

Increasing muscle soreness with each session

Painful joint(s)


Swollen or hot joint

Excessive or painful “popping or clicking”

Why should I see Your Health Domain Physiotherapist?

If you get any of the above symptoms during or after exercise.

Screen for potential problems or identify problem area (tight or weak) – important if you are starting new.

  • Full thorough assessment of the body – including biomechanical breakdown of each activity you do.

  • Help prevent an injury from occurring

Manage Your Return to Sport Safely! 

Our Physiotherapists won’t tell you to stop exercising all together, but may modify your program to make it more appropriate for you decreasing risk of further or future injury. The Physiotherapists at Your Health Domain work closely wiht GP’s, Sports Physicians and surgeons so can refer you on for opinions or scans if needed.

Key Tips

  • Start small and build up

  • Rest days are really important

  • Don’t try and reverse 20 years in 20 days

  • Know your goals

  • Know your limits

  • Vary your workout

  • Say something if you feel something, ask a Physio to check – we are here to help!


FIFA 11+ Knee Injury Prevention Program for Winter Sports 

Ruptured ACL can be debilitating as it is required for a stable knee. FIFA11+ is a injury prevention program.


To book a session with a Physiotherapist at any of Your Health Domain’s two Sydney CBD locations, please call 9251 5111 or email

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