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Women's Health
Pre Natal & Post Natal Physiotherapy 

Pregnancy is a time of great change to your body.

 To ensure that you continue comfortably through and beyond your pregnancy the physiotherapists at Your Health Domain offer expertise in assessing and treating the many changes that may cause you discomfort or concern.


These changes may be musculoskeletal, involve the function of your pelvic floor or you may just be seeking advice on posture, exercise or positions of comfort.


Our physiotherapists are here to ensure your comfort and confidence throughout your pregnancy.


Conditions we treat and manage:

Low Back Pain


Sacroiliac Joint Pain (pelvis and buttock pain)

Pubic Symphysitis

Rectus Diastasis (abdominal separation)

Urinary Incontinence

Core muscle assessments and re-training

Ribcage and thoracic pain

Headaches and neck pain

Carpal tunnel

Advice on positions of comfort

Advice on safe exercises to perform

Measurement of SRC products

Ergonomic assessments and advice


Pre & post Natal exercise sessions


Small group classes

(face-to-face & virtual via zoom)

(see exercise class schedule link below)


​Products available:

SRC Pregnancy and Recovery Shorts

SRC Leggings

SIJ belts

Wrist splints for carpal tunnel

“Women’s Waterworks” Book by Pauline Chiarelli

Your Health Domain is an Authorised SRC retailer

Call us on 9251 5111 or email us at to discuss your condition further or to arrange a suitable appointment time with one of our experienced physiotherapists 

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