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Ergonomics Introduction 

Emma provides a overview of the current issues surrounding ergonomic work stations and the current trend of working from home due to COVID -19 

Safe Work from Home: Factors to Consider 

In regard to your on-going commitment to address WH&S for your staff beyond your physical walls it is crucial that you consider, create, review your policies regarding the training, education and application of safe work from home practices.

Many employees are used to working the occasional day from home, or for 1-2 hours in the evening after a day at work, but not a full day, 5 days/week for an undefined period of time.

Factors for Employers to Consider R.E. Employees working from hom

  1. Employers have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment for all staff.

  2. Do you have a work from home plan or policy?

  3. Are you able to and/or have you identified your “high risk” employees?

  4. Do you have staff who have pre-existing or previous work-related injuries?

  5. Do you have staff who have previously been assessed in the office and required specific changes to their work-station set-up?

  6. Do you have staff who have previously required the purchase of specific equipment to meet their needs?

  7. Do you have a self-assessment checklist for the home environment?

  8. Have your employees completed your self assessment checklist?

  9. What will you do if they answer “no” or raise concerns on the checklist?

  10. Do your staff have a designated work-station in their home, have you advised them on how to identify this and how to set it up?

  11. What equipment are you sending your employees home with?

  12. Are your employees working off a laptop without any additional equipment?

  13. Do you have someone who can follow-up with your employees over the telephone or video conferencing to discuss their workstation set-up?

  14. Do you have someone who is able to complete work place assessments in the home for your employees if required? 

Factors to Consider

Get in Contact 

My team and I have over 20 years experience of assisting companies by training, identifying and ergonomically assessing workstations for the prevention of injury and modifying workplaces for high risk or injured staff. With an extensive history of treating office workers for back, neck and arm pain often related to sustained postures at their workstation, we can assist you with self-assessments, identification of “high injury risk” staff, video training and teleconferencing with your identified staff members requiring assessments during this stressful time.

To create your work from home plan and implement a smooth transition to working from home for your team, If you would like further information on how I can assist you and your team please contact me or 0412 688 465.

At Your Health Domain we have devised a comprehensive on-line ergonomic survey to assist you to identify your employees who may be at higher risk of injury and to minimise the risk of injury in their new work environment – home.  The results will be used to target and remediate WH&S risks before they become a problem. We can assist you with training your employees, providing them with advice and performing 1:1 individual home-based ergonomic assessments as required.

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