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What is TeleHealth?

Telehealth is the use of technologies like video connection, email or telephone to provide medical care or education over a distance. It allows for the exchange of health data between a practitioner and patient in separate locations.

In Australia, telehealth is often defined more narrowly to mean online video consultations between health professionals and their patients.

Benefits of telehealth;

  • Convenience

  • Remote access to health care when you are unable to attend in person


The effectiveness has been shown to be similar to face to face consultations for many conditions.

How Telehealth Works at Your Health Domain

Telehealth is a convenient online consultation that our Physiotherapists are able to offer to clients who are unable to attend for an appointment in person. Telehealth is ideal given the current COVID-19 situation for those who are immunosuppressed or unable to attend our city practice.


Telehealth continues to give clients access to 1:1 physiotherapy sessions via a video call. Video calls are a great substitute for face-to-face Physiotherapy consultations, for patients whose access to physiotherapy services might otherwise be limited.


Telehealth consultations are delivered to the same standard as consultations conducted in person. This format may be used for an initial consult, standard consult, a short follow-up or for a second opinion. We use encrypted software to contact you online via video chat.

What Happens During a Consultation

During your consult we will discuss your current and past injuries, your symptoms, aggravating activities, concerns and goals.

We will ask you to perform specific movements so that we can confirm your diagnosis - make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes so we can clearly see your area of injury and your movement patterns.

We will provide you with advice, teach you some self-treatment techniques and educate you on how best to manage your condition. Advice on posture, stretches and exercises will be also be provided.


We will advise you as to whether any additional investigations, referral onto another practitioner or medication is required.

Fees: Are as per our usual fees, however please note that Private Health rebates, Workcover, TAC, CDM, DVA rebates/payments are currently not available for Telehealth consultations.

How to Book? 

Simple! The same way as per clinic appointments via our online booking system or contacting our reception team on 02 9251 5111

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