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At your initial treatment session with your Physio in our Sydney CBD practices your physio will conduct an interview with you inorder to get an understanding of your injury. You will be asked questions related to your pain or injury and will the following will complete a physical exam in order to give you the best, comprehensive evidence based treatment tailored to your recovery. 

Your Physiotherapist will implement your treatment plan using a combination of:

  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation

  • Soft tissue massage

  • Stability and strengthening exercises

  • Stretches (muscle or nerve)

  • Electrotherapy agents (e.g. hot packs, ultrasound, interferential)

  • Specific sport (running, swimming) or movement pattern screening (FMS)

  • Education to prevent injury re-occurrence i.e. correct work station set-up

If you have any x-rays or scans relevant to your problem, then please bring these along to your initial appointment.

We encourage you to remain as active as possible throughout your rehabilitation as this aids the recovery process.

We endeavour to resolve your injury successfully. However, if further assistance is required to achieve the best outcome for you, we can refer you on to other experienced and highly regarded medical practitioners, podiatrists, nutritionists and/or personal trainers.

We can directly claim to all health funds in clinic!

Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA)

Workers' Compensation

If you are unsure whether your workers' claim will be accepted or not, do not hesitate to contact us for a consult. Were you injured at work? Our staff is very comfortable in dealing with work place injuries and we have experience in filing claims on patient's behalf. We will provide the correct rehabilitation to ensure you get back to your job! We provide just, empathetic approach to your recovery that best suits your individual needs.

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)) Claims

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