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Foam Roller Exercises

Pec Stretch

To begin place your roller straight down on the floor, sit down on one far end and lie back with your head resting on the other end of the roller. 
Ensure your feet and knees are hip-width apart, with your hips level towards the ceiling. 
Try to remain nice and wide through the front of your chest, bringing your arms out to side palms facing up. 
Aim to hold for 10-15 seconds, you should feel your shoulder blades rolling over the edge of the foam roller 
Next bend your elbows at 90 degrees and rotate your arms back to the ground. 
Aim for your elbows and hands to touch the ground if possible. 
Again hold for 10-15 seconds. 

Over Head Arms 

Start with your hands, palms down on the floor by your sides. 
Slowly bring your arms up towards and over your head. If you can try and touch the floor above you. Then bring your arms back down. 
At the end of the movement try and keep your shoulders nice and wide through the front of the chest. 
If possible try and avoid lifting through the rib cage as you bring your arms up. 
Ensure your back is flat in contact with the roller or in a small curve. Remaining the same throughout the whole movement. 
Modification: the movement can be completed by lifting one arm at a time, alternating between which arm is raised and which one is flat on the mat

Snow Angels 

Start Lie lengthwise on the roller with your palms down, slowly bring you arms out to the side.
When you get to shoulder height, turn palms up continue around in contact with the ground. Aim to touch your hands together above your head.
Slowly bring your arms back down by your sides.
Remember Palms down for movements below shoulder height, palms up for movements above shoulder height.
Variation If you are too tight or sore through your shoulders - you can  modify your arm movements by scooping your arms in front of your head.

Thoracic Rolling 

 Lie on roller with it horizontal across your spine around the base of your ribcage area.
Feet on the floor, knees and feet hip width apart and place your hands behind your head to support your neck
Lift your bottom just up off the floor, push through your feet to roll you body up and down along the roller the length of your ribcage.
Roll up and down 5-10 times, until you feel your thoracic spine region soften. 
Rest your bottom down

Thoracic Extension

This is an advanced Exercise – don’t push into pain.
Only complete if the previous exercises have been comfortable and pain free.
Place your hands behind your head. Keep your bottom on the ground. Knees and feet hip width apart
Lean back so that your upper back/shoulder region is in contact with the foam roller. Lean back over the foam roller as far as you are comfortable going.
Perform 3-5 repetitions.
Move the roller a bit further down your spine and repeat this exercise at various levels throughout your thoracic spine
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