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Independent Exercise Space available at Your Health Domain, 3/84 Pitt St Sydney (CBD) 

Have you reached a stage in your treatment and rehabilitation where you feel safe and comfortable training on your own? Do you enjoy Pilates and are keen to add an extra session a week? Are you keen to do an independent reformer-based exercise session?


If so, Independent Exercise and Pilates sessions have been designed for you. We have a designated exercise space that is available for you at a time that suits you. You can enjoy independent exercise sessions in a quiet, uncrowded space with reformer, trapeze, circle and barrel.   

Suitable for including those who are:

Working on conditioning the core muscles through the use of Pilates equipment such as the Reformer, trapeze, circle and barrel.

Improving posture, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness

Post-surgical Rehabilitation – benefits include improving mobility muscle strength

Equipment available for use:


Pilates reformer

Foam rollers

Pilates Wall unit

Pilates Circle

Gym balls


Exercise bike

Decline board

Weights (1-10kg)

Wobble board

Bosu Ball



Please either call 9251 5111 or email us @  to book in!

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